Have you had a car accident that wasn't your fault?

Do you need a replacement vehicle whilst yours is being repaired?

Your local approved repairer

The hassle and stress from having an accident is bad enough without the problems that can come from having your car off the road and trying to arrange repairs. If the accident was not your fault, we can provide you with a free replacement car, and organise the repair of your car without claiming through your insurance.

Replacement vehicles from an approved repairer

All repairs are carried out in our fully equipped workshop to an exceptionally high standard by our skilled and experienced technicians. Our replacement cars are provided on a like for like basis giving you the use of a car similar in size and specification to your own car.

In an event of your vehicle being un-roadworthy due to a non-fault accident, Collision Solutions will:

• Immediately provide a suitable replacement vehicle to avoid any further disruption to you

• Arrange for repairs to be carried out at Bicester Car Surgery Ltd, without involving your own insurance company. You keep the replacement vehicle until repairs to your vehicle are completed

• Recover the repair costs and hire charges together with any other uninsured losses, such as damage to goods inside the vehicle, personal injury or out of pocket expenses

• Where the accident is clearly not your fault, Collision Solutions will appoint an independent assessor to inspect your vehicle

• Authorise Bicester Car Surgery Ltd to carry out repairs as per the assessors report

• Arrange payment for the repairs and recover these costs directly from the insurance party of the negligent party

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